A Very Brief Intro in Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah…a wine I have heard more and more about recently but have had only little experience with.  I love wine but I am by no means a wine expert.  I am going to be doing a pretty extensive tasting soon so I decided to get out there and explore a little more about the origin and history of Petite Sirah.  From what I have gathered, Petite Sirah comes from Durif and has a rich history in California.  There are some other varieties but Durif is the dominant variety.  This was up for debate at one time but now seems to be an established fact.

One of the biggest questions I had was whether or not there is any relation between Petite Sirah and Syrah.  I went to a great website to explore a little more http://www.psiloveyou.org/about/about-petite-sirah/ .  The folks at PS I Love You are the leading Petite Sirah advocates and do a great job educating the public and promoting Petite Sirah.  According to their site, Petite Sirah is the offspring of Syrah and although they are distinct, they are very closely related.  Check out their site for an extensive history and plenty of other great information about Petite Sirah.

I am excited to taste some different vintages and labels.  Petite Sirah is versatile so I should have plenty of different tasting experiences to share.  Keep posted for the reviews and let me know about your favorite Petite Sirahs!