Three Twins Ice Cream Santa Monica

Just a quick note that Three Twins Ice Cream is now open in Santa Monica!  I first discovered Three Twins at Oxbow Market in Napa.  I am excited that now I don’t have to go very far to grab a scoop or two on a homemade waffle cone!  So, if you happen to be near Main Street in Santa Monica, stop in and grab a scoop.  I would suggest the Cookies and Cream, Mint Confetti, or Mocha Difference if you are a first timer!

Three Twins Main Street Storefront
Three Twins Main Street storefront
Great flavor selection!
Great flavor selection!
So many good things to choose from!
So many good things to choose from!

Three Twins Santa Monica

2726 Main StSanta Monica, CA 90405

Beer Break- Tony’s Darts Away

Even though wine is my first love, a good craft beer is also high on my list.  Any time I am working near Burbank I always make time to swing into Tony’s Darts Away for some amazing food and a nice cold brew.  I seriously love Tony’s…a no frills atmosphere with one of the best California craft beer selections in Southern Cal.  It’s a Burbank crowd so you don’t have to deal with douche bags or the other annoying parts of other LA scenes. 

Tony’s only features CA beers.  They have a IPA beer list with around 15 IPA’s to choose from (some of the IPA’s in rotation include Pliny the Elder, Racer 5, and Eagle Rock’s Populist).  They also have a “Non IPA” beer list with over 20 other beers to choose from.  Everything is on draft which is awesome and I guess that saves a ton of glass.  What makes Tony’s even better is their selection of sausages…regular and vegan.  I so wish I lived closer!

Last week, my husband Brandon and I were meeting with a client in Burbank and conveniently wrapped up our meeting at lunch time.  We headed over to grab a sausage and beer.  Brandon loves IPA’s and grabbed a pint of Populist.  I am a bigger fan of dark, mild beers so I started off with a pint of Solidarity.  All of Tony’s beers are honest pints, meaning you will get a 16oz pour.  For lunch we grabbed a couple of their beer brat vegan sausages which are unbelievably good.  You get to choose from a huge list of toppings and they also have a lot of different sausage styles (vegan, chicken, and pork).  You can get a side of fresh cut chips, sweet potato fries, salads, or chili.  I have tried nearly everything on their menu and you can’t go wrong.  Too bad we had another meeting because there was definitely some other beers I would have liked to try.

If you have a little more time than we did, they have a selection of board games, a dart board, and a pool table.  It gets a little crowded at night but it should because it’s such a great spot.  If you ever get a chance to check it out let me know! (for more info go to )

ROK Sushi Kitchen Spring Cocktail Preview

Just a few weeks under my belt as an “Angeleno” and I am already joining in on the wine and food community around me.  On Tuesday night, I was invited to preview the new spring cocktail menu at ROK Sushi Kitchen in Hermosa Beach.  ROK has been a staple in the Hermosa Beach community since 2010 but they are now under new management.  After trying out the new menu, it seems like they are really trying to elevate their cocktail program by bringing fresh new tastes to their menu!

The new spring creations at Rok Sushi

We had the chance to sip 4 of ROK’s new offerings paired with some tasty apps.  We started off the night with a refreshing cocktail called the Bubbly Cali.  This creation consists of sparkling wine, Medlock Ames Verjus, gin, basil, and simple syrup.  It was a great way to kick off the evening and it paired really well with the fresh shrimp spring rolls we were served.

The second cocktail we tasted from the new menu was the Shishito Pepper Martini.  This cocktail featured shishito pepper infused vodka combined with shishito pepper simple syrup, Combier Orange Liqueur, and lime juice.  Light, not too spicy, and pretty creative.

Pouring the Shishito Pepper Martini
Pouring the Shishito Pepper Martini

Next up was an innovative take on the trendy Moscow Mule called the Tokyo Mule.  A blend of Tozai Typhoon Sake, house-made ginger simple syrup, Banzai Bunny Sake, and fresh ginger.  This was the stand-out of the night for me.  Not overly sweet and really aromatic.  I am pretty sure dinner guests at my house will be served one of these in the near future. 🙂

We wrapped up the night with ROK’s Floral Citrus cocktail.  A beautiful drink containing gin, Aperol, lemon juice, Combier Orange Liqueur, and violet liqueur.  This was a little on the flowery side for my taste buds but it was definitely a well-presented creation.

The beautiful presentation of the Floral Citrus cocktails
The beautiful presentation of the Floral Citrus cocktails

Overall, ROK Sushi Kitchen’s new spring cocktail list is a great showing of well-conceived cocktails that really pair well with Asian fare.  I am definitely going to stop back in to enjoy a Tokyo Mule in the near future!