Beer Break- Tony’s Darts Away

Even though wine is my first love, a good craft beer is also high on my list.  Any time I am working near Burbank I always make time to swing into Tony’s Darts Away for some amazing food and a nice cold brew.  I seriously love Tony’s…a no frills atmosphere with one of the best California craft beer selections in Southern Cal.  It’s a Burbank crowd so you don’t have to deal with douche bags or the other annoying parts of other LA scenes. 

Tony’s only features CA beers.  They have a IPA beer list with around 15 IPA’s to choose from (some of the IPA’s in rotation include Pliny the Elder, Racer 5, and Eagle Rock’s Populist).  They also have a “Non IPA” beer list with over 20 other beers to choose from.  Everything is on draft which is awesome and I guess that saves a ton of glass.  What makes Tony’s even better is their selection of sausages…regular and vegan.  I so wish I lived closer!

Last week, my husband Brandon and I were meeting with a client in Burbank and conveniently wrapped up our meeting at lunch time.  We headed over to grab a sausage and beer.  Brandon loves IPA’s and grabbed a pint of Populist.  I am a bigger fan of dark, mild beers so I started off with a pint of Solidarity.  All of Tony’s beers are honest pints, meaning you will get a 16oz pour.  For lunch we grabbed a couple of their beer brat vegan sausages which are unbelievably good.  You get to choose from a huge list of toppings and they also have a lot of different sausage styles (vegan, chicken, and pork).  You can get a side of fresh cut chips, sweet potato fries, salads, or chili.  I have tried nearly everything on their menu and you can’t go wrong.  Too bad we had another meeting because there was definitely some other beers I would have liked to try.

If you have a little more time than we did, they have a selection of board games, a dart board, and a pool table.  It gets a little crowded at night but it should because it’s such a great spot.  If you ever get a chance to check it out let me know! (for more info go to )