Best Wine Racks For Home

Reviews of The Top-Rated Wine Racks for your Home

Are you someone who knows a good time? Of course you are – that’s why you want to keep the good times coming to you! There is nothing better for a good time than a nice glass (or more) of wine. But, you may be running out of places to put your wine.

You’re not just anybody – you want people to marvel at your wine collection. That’s why you should look at the list below and determine how you want to wow your guests. There are lots of great wine racks out there. But what are the best wine racks for your home?

The top factors to consider when buying a wine rack for your home are size, cost, material, and capacity. There are other things to focus on, as well. Take a look at the list of the top 6 wine racks for home!

For The Kitchen

sogesfurniture Small Wine Storage Rack

This rack has a versatile design, intended to fit any space! The rack comes with a wave-style, allowing it to hold up to 32 bottles of wine at any one time. It is lightweight, at only 11 pounds! It is made of high-quality pine wood that does not wobble when you move it.

Pros – This rack keeps your wine fresher for longer. It is stackable you own more than one. It is easy to assemble.

Cons – The horizontal storage makes it easier to accidentally drop wine. The color you receive may be different from the one advertised.

For The Basement

Sorbus 6-Tier Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack

This rack comes with 6 tiers, allowing you to hold up to 36 bottles of wine at once. It is easy to accommodate different storage designs – these look good stacked on top of each other and next to each other. The durable construction prevents wines from falling off and causing gigantic messes in your basement. There are no tools required to assemble this wine rack.

Pros – When assembling this rack, the pieces fit into each other very well. Customer service is speedy and helpful. The rack is sturdy,

Cons –Not all wine bottles comfortably fit on this wine rack. The base at the bottom is not a good length, making it so the bottles do not align neatly. The wood occasionally cracks.

For The Refrigerator

Sorbus Fridge Wine Rack

If space is tight, and you love having chilled wine, then this is the wine rack for you! This wine rack will keep your wine at the perfect temperature, and keep them stored in a spot that is out of the way and convenient for you! The Sorbus Fridge Wine Rack can hold up to three bottles of wine or champagne and easily attaches to any shelf in your refrigerator by sliding into place.

Pros – The rack keeps bottles angled upward, which avoids leaks. It can hold other products too, like water bottles and coffee creamers. This does not take up a lot of space.

Cons – This does not fit in curves shelves in a refrigerator. Depending on the weight of your wines, it may not be sturdy. The rack does not fit well on glass shelves.

To Be Mounted On The Wall

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack

The Sorbus Wall Mount Rack has a great look and feel to it. It is versatile too – in case you finish your wine bottles, why not hold towels? This rack can hold up to six bottles of wine. It is a great size to be mounted on just about any wall.

Pros – The rack does not contain any sharp edges. It looks good in any room of the house. This is a durable wine rack.

Cons – If this rack is installed improperly, it can cause damage to the wall. It can be challenging to put the top and the bottom parts of the rack together. The rack may break in the box.


Winsome Wood Ryan Wine Storage

The Winsome Wood Ryan Wine Storage cabinet is made from solid and composite wood and has a beautiful espresso finish. It can hold up to 20 bottles of wine, as well as 8-12 glasses. This weighs only about 35 pounds before any items are places in it.

Pros – This cabinet comes with an Allen wrench. It is easy to assemble, It only takes about an hour to assemble.

Cons – The cabinet does not come with any instructions for assembly. Certain glasses do not comfortably fit in the cabinet. Occasionally, the cabinet does not come with every piece required for assembly.

For The Wine Collector

Smartxchoices Modular Wine Rack

The SmartxChoices Modular Wine Rack can hold up to 72 bottles of wine at once! It would look great in your basement, or a spacious living room. The solid pine has slots for you to store your wine bottles in. There are no tools required to install it!

Pros – The rack is very sturdy and easy to set up. It is easy to stack on top of one another for more storage of your wines. It can hold beer bottles as well.

Cons – The rack angles the wines downwards, making it easier for spills and breakages to occur. It can only be used for certain types of bottles. Wine bottles occasionally slide out of the holders.

Although it would be great, none of the products come with the wine. That’s something you would need to buy yourself. But whereas everyone has differing wine tastes, these racks are perfect for just about any wines you may place in them, Mix and match different brands and bottle shapes if you would like. 

When your party is over, it is sure to be talked about for weeks to come – in part, because of the great wine rack that you had! Now you just need to figure out what wine to buy.