A Few Notes from My Petite Sirah Tasting Journey

A Few Notes from My Petite Sirah Tasting Journey

I have been able to taste 15 bottles of Petite Sirah in the last few weeks and have learned a lot about the wine from Durif.  I want to summarize some of my thoughts and tasting experiences thus far (even though there will definitely be more PS reviews to come since I have several more bottles awaiting me).

First of all, I love Petite Sirah.  While not all bottles are equal, the good ones are really amazing.  I love pairing the perfect bottle with lamb, roasted duck, or even with a simple, juicy burger. 

Secondly, you can find a wonderful bottle of Petite Sirah whether you want to spend $40 or $10.  Coming into this tasting, I thought you had to spend at least $20 to find a drinkable Petite Sirah but I was really wrong.  I have had a few standouts that are easily in a mid-week wine price range.  This being said, here are some of the bottles I have enjoyed the most (at different price points) and that you may want to grab for yourself:

Field Stone 2007 Staten Family Reserve Petite Sirah- My first bottle was a winner.  Elegant and refined with sweet, ripe fruit.  A wonderful wine for $35.  http://wp.me/p1vdhr-1h

Bogle 2008 Petite Sirah– It can be a challenge to find what this wine delivers for $11(and often only $8-10 at some retailers).  You can afford to drink it on a Wednesday but don’t have to worry about what your guests will think if you serve it on a Saturday. Balanced fruit and smooth tannins.   http://wp.me/p1vdhr-1O

Michael David Winery 2008 Earthquake Petite Sirah– This was my favorite wine of the 15 bottles and was $24.  Big, complex, and unforgettable. http://wp.me/p1vdhr-3M

More reviews coming soon…in the line-up are Lava Cap, Cleavage Creek, and Parducci.  Cheers!