2011 Chateau Coupe Roses Minervois La Bastide

2011 Chateau Coupe Roses Minervois La Bastide

Chateau Coupe Roses is an estate in the Minervios appellation in France with almost 100 acres of vineyards.  This family run winery takes pride in the wines they produce and are true to traditional winemaking methods.  There are no additives to the wine and minimal intervention in the winemaking process.   The 2011 Chateau Coupe Roses Minervois La Bastide is a blend of predominantly Carignan and Grenache with a tad of Syrah and it’s well worth sipping.    


Tasting Notes

Pours a deep ruby color in the glass with aromas of must and rich berries.  The palate is earthy and there are layers of tar, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and black pepper with floral nuances.  Somewhat reminiscent of a Bordeaux…dirty and delicious! ($14)

My Wine Rating – B+

Food Pairing Suggestions – Pair with grilled swordfish, burgers, or lamb.