Sandlands 2013 Chenin Blanc Amador County

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago, I noticed that Silverlake Wine just added a post that they received a limited amount of Sandlands wine.  I quickly dialed them up and ordered a few bottles.  Amongst the jewels I picked up were a couple of bottles of Sandlands 2013 Chenin Blanc.  According to the winery, the vines for the Chenin were planted in Amador County in 1979 and grown at 1500 feet in a mixture of iron rich volcanic, quartz, and decomposed granite soils.  The vineyard is head-trained, dry-farmed, and own rooted.  The result – an incredibly delicious Chenin Blanc!

Sandlands Chenin Blanc...we enjoyed it over a meal at the corkage free restaurant "A Food Affair"
Sandlands Chenin Blanc…we enjoyed it over a meal at the corkage-free restaurant “A Food Affair”

Sandlands Chenin Blanc has layers and layers of flavor.  There are floral notes along with tastes of tangerine, peach, and melon.  There is also vibrant acidity but the texture of the wine is the real showstopper, adding complexity that is hard to come by.  This is by far my favorite American Chenin Blanc…grab as many bottles as you can find!  (12.6% alcohol, $26)

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Domaine du Tariquet 2010 Chenin Chardonnay

This week I am going to be reviewing a few wines from Domaine du Tariquet.  They focus on white wines (9 white wines and 1 rose to be exact) and the estate is located the village of Ercé, which lies at the foot of the Pyrenees in France.  All of the wines they produce are priced very reasonably and, of the four I tasted, I did not experience one bad bottle!

About the Wine – From the Winery

Domaine du Tariquet 2010 Chenin Chardonnay is a blend of 75% Chenin and 25% Chardonnay.  It has 12.5% alcohol and retails for around $11.  For more information visit

Now the Fun Part – Tasting the Wine

Aromas of pineapple and honeydew are abundant in this bright gold wine.  There are crisp tastes of lemon, pear, vanilla, and spice with a healthy dose of acidity.  An easy sipper with a refreshing finish!

My Wine Rating – B

Food Pairing Suggestions – Pair with halibut, goat cheese, or veggie tacos.

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