I was fortunate enough to have really great friends when I was in my early 20’s that were wine and food lovers.  They were a bit older (and wealthier) than me and would often invite me to a fancy dinner and open up a bottle of Opus One or an expensive Bordeaux.  Needless to say, I quickly became enamored with wine and delicious food.  From that point on, I spent my time learning everything I could about wine and food, seeking out some of the best restaurants in the US and taking frequent trips to wine country.


Today I am lucky enough to live in Sonoma with my husband and fellow wine and food lover, Brandon. We created this blog, wineandgoodfood.com, to chronicle our wine tasting adventures and restaurant experiences.  Brandon and I have really come to love small, family run wineries throughout California, France, and Italy that adhere to minimalist winemaking philosophies.  We hope you guys enjoy our wine and food adventures as much as we do!


Bella & Brandon


  1. Dear Bella,

    What a great way to start the week! Everyone at the winery loved starting the day with reading your review of our Petite Sirah. We’re glad to hear you enjoyed the wine and please feel free to visit the next time you are in Northern California.


    Kelly Lentz

  2. Bella!! Your website is AMAZING!! I had no idea you started this, and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon it. You know I am a wine lover as well, so I am thrilled to follow your page. Congrats on all your accomplishments with this venture and I can’t wait try the wines you recommend!!


  3. Really liking your blog! I wish I knew more about wine, I’m looking forward to taking my wine class next fall. One of my bucket list items is go out to Napa to go to The French Laundry, can’t wait to do that someday! I’m following you now through facebook!

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