Spring Fever in Sonoma

It’s official…spring fever has set in!  After what seems like eons of rain, the sun finally decided to shine its warming beams on Sonoma County.  Brandon and I are taking advantage of our first taste of spring and enjoying every moment of it.  Here are some pics of the abundant beauty all over Sonoma right now!

The sun is shining and Sonoma Square is getting busy!

Mustard is popping up all over Sonoma County.

Did you know we have redwoods in Sonoma?  We hiked Bartholomew Park and were surrounded by redwoods, streams, and beautiful wildlife!

I can’t think of a better way to wrap up a warm, sunny day in Sonoma then with a delicious meal at Fremont Diner.  Their fried oyster sandwich is one of my faves…don’t forget to try their biscuits and fried chicken too!

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