Frantz Saumon “la Petite Gaule du Matin”

I love Chenin Blanc and you can pretty much guarantee I will buy any geeky bottle I find on the shelf.  The minute I came across 2014 Frantz Saumon “la Petite Gaule du Matin”, a Pét-Nat made from 100% Chenin Blanc, I knew it would be coming home with me!  The wine hails from the Loire Valley in France and is made with minimal intervention in the winemaking process.

Frantz Saumon "La Petite Gaule du Matin"
Frantz Saumon “la Petite Gaule du Matin”


Frantz Saumon “la Petite Gaule du Matin” offers up floral and citrus aromas.  The wine has light, refreshing bubbles that easily awakened my tastebuds.  At first sip, tastes of grapefruit are dominant.  After the wine opens up a bit, tastes of minerals, wildflowers, and stone fruit begin to emerge.  This wine is notably dry for a Pét-Nat, vibrant, and incredibly delicious.  Grab a bottle if you can find it! ($23)

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