Benoît Mulin Crémant du Jura Brut

Life is too short not to have lots of bubbly on hand!  Those are words to live by (at least in my house), and I am constantly in search of great sparkling wine for under $30.  Although sometimes tough, it is not an impossible feat.  Last week, as I was perusing the sparkling wine section at Hi-Time Wine Cellars, I spotted a bottle of sparkling wine from the Jura region of France.  When I saw the price of $18.98, I couldn’t help but grab a bottle.  I mean, I generally love Jura wines and the price…was it too good to be true?  Fortunately, Benoît Mulin Crémant du Jura Brut intrigued my palate from the first sip.  Méthode Traditionelle is used for this blend of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir.  Reminscent of Champagne in style yet a fraction of the cost.

Benoît Mulin Crémant du Jura
Benoît Mulin Crémant du Jura

At first whiff, there are intriguing floral aromas mingled with brioche and apricots.  The palate is rich and complex with delicate bubbles.  Layers of green apple, apricot, and grapefruit are surrounded by dominant notes of yeast.  The wine finishes with more bready notes and hints of pine nuts.  Powerful yet balanced, I will definitely be grabbing a few more bottles! (12.5% alcohol)

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