Le Telquel – So fresh and pure

I have been on a Gamay kick lately.  I am uncorking bottles that are young and fresh along with bottles that are more serious and Burgundy-like and have been mesmerized by both.  Last weekend, I picked up a bottle of Le Telquel because it caught my eye (yes, it’s Gamay but I am pretty sure the cute dog on the label may have also swayed my decision).  Le Telquel comes from the Loire Valley in France and is imported by Louis/Dressner Selections.  It is made by Thierry Puzelat, who makes his wine with as little intervention as possible.  Something about this Gamay just did it for me…

Le Telquel
Le Telquel

Le Telquel is a simple wine yet the purity is complex.  The aromas are intriguing and the palate is musky, bright, and fresh.  There are tastes of juicy red berries and spice that are entwined with racy acidity.  Pure and unadulterated.  This Gamay is definitely heading to the top of the list of my personal favorite wines for under $20!  Serve slightly chilled and allow time to decant.  (12.5% alcohol, $17)

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