A Beautiful Everyday Burgundy – 2013 Domaine Les Faverelles “Le Nez de Muse” Bourgogne

A delicious Red Burgundy for under $30…is that even possible?  I found out it is indeed possible after uncorking a bottle of Domaine Les Faverelles “Le Nez de Muse” Bourgogne.  Domaine Les Faverelles is a small, 15 acre winery located in the village of Vézelay.  The vineyard is farmed organically and biodynamically and all of their wines are made with indigenous yeasts.  The “Le Nez de Muse” Bourgogne is aged in oak casks and is bottled unfiltered.

2013 Domaine Les Faverelles “Le Nez de Muse” Bourgogne


This Burgundy, which pours a brilliant cranberry color in the glass, opens with aromatics of red fruit and pepper.  The wine is graceful and delicate on the palate.  There are notes of ripe strawberries along with lively acidity.  There is also a youthfulness that is fresh and pure.  The wine actually reminded me a lot of Gamay in style and in taste.  Absolutely stunning for the price…I wish I had more bottles to enjoy! (11% alcohol, $22)

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