2013 Folk Machine “Film & Camera” Valdiguie

Valdiguie is probably a grape most of you aren’t familiar with yet but it seems to be slowing making its way into wine shops across California.  Valdiguie is widely planted in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France where it is known as Gros Auxerrois.  Until recently, it was incredibly hard to find in California.  Now it seems that winemakers and wine drinkers alike are realizing that Valdiguie is capable of making a fun and very delicious wine.  I recently uncorked a bottle of 2013 Folk Machine “Film & Camera” Valdiguie from Mendocino County and was impressed with how much I enjoyed it!

2013 Folk Machine "Film & Camera" Valdiguie
2013 Folk Machine “Film & Camera” Valdiguie

The wine opens with aromas of herbs and red fruit.  I was actually expecting a little less flavor so I was surprised by the boldness of the palate.  There are notes of cherry, cranberry, earth, and spice along with wonderful acidity.  Even with all of the vibrant flavor, the wine is light and easy to sip.  Such a fun and interesting wine! ($20, 11.7% alcohol)

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