Old is New Again – Petillant Naturel

Petillant Naturel…have you heard of it or tasted it?  Petillant Naturel (or Pét-Nat, as it is often casually referred to), is a sparkling wine made in a completely different style than that of Champagne and other common sparkling wines.  The wines are bottled during primary fermentation, capturing the naturally released carbon dioxide.  The process produces bubbles organically, without the addition of outside sugars.  This age-old winemaking style has been making a comeback over the last several years.

More notes on these Pét-Nats this week!
Tasting notes on these Pét-Nats this week!

This week I am going to highlight a couple of excellent Pét-Nats that I have fallen in love with.  The wines, which vary in taste profile, are quirky, unusual, and hard to stop thinking about long after the bottles are gone.  Stayed tuned for tasting notes and tips on where to find these delicious wines!

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