Exploring the Wines of Fattoria Casabianca

Fattoria Casabianca is an estate winery located in Tuscany that spans over 1500 acres.  The property hosts beautiful vineyards along with well-appointed farmhouses that are available as vacation rentals.  Fattoria Casabianca focuses on popular Italian varieties as well as lesser-known grapes from the region.  The grapes are farmed organically and the wines are well-made and approachable.

I recently had the chance to taste through some of Fattoria Casabianca’s recent releases and really enjoyed the diversity of the wines.  I don’t know how readily available they are in the US but I definitely recommend exploring the wines if you come across them.  The wines seem to be available in Europe for under the equivalent of $20 (other than the 2008 Belsedere), so they definitely offer a great value!

The wines of Fattoria Casabianca
The wines of Fattoria Casabianca

2013 Fattoria Casabianca Roscato 

A lovely Rosé of Sangiovese that features soft, refreshing notes of strawberries and red currants.  Balanced acidity with a great mouthfeel.  One of my favorite wines of the tasting! (13% alcohol)

2013 Fattoria Casabianca Cleo Toscana 

This blend of 75% Vermentino and 25% Viognier offers bright citrus flavors along with notes of pear and jasmine.  Crisp, vibrant, and really enjoyable!  Paired incredibly well with a shrimp scampi recipe that we served alongside the wine. (13.5% alcohol)

2011 Fattoria Casabianca Loccareto Canaiolo

This was my first experience with 100% Colorino, a grape that is primarily used in blends.  Tastes of raspberry and cassis are surrounded by nuances of oak and spice.  Easy to drink and food-friendly. (14% alcohol)

2013 Fattoria Casabianca Colli Senesi Chianti

The 2013 vintage is made with 80% Sangiovese and a blend of 20% Cabernet, Canaiolo, and Colorino.  The wine offers tastes of red cherry and cranberry along with notes of red currants and spice.  Soft tannins and balanced acidity.  A great wine to pair with hearty Italian pasta dishes! (14% alcohol)

2011 Fattoria Casabianca Colli Senesi Chianti Riserva

Colli Senesi Chianti Riserva is a harmonious blend 85% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot, 5% Canaiolo, and 5% Colorino.  Cherry, blackberry, cranberry, and dark currants mingle with hints of vanilla and leather.  Well-integrated tannins and a lengthy finish.  This wine will likely improve with a bit more time in the bottle.  (14.5% alcohol)

2008 Fattoria Casabianca Colli Senesi Chianti Riserva Belsedere 

This 100% Sangiovese is the most well-structured wine of the lineup.  Flavors of cherry, licorice, and leather are met with prominent tastes of oak and vanilla.  A little too oaked for my palate but still a nicely made wine.  Pair with meaty dishes.  (14% alcohol)

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