Movie Review: American Wine Story

Last weekend, I had the chance to preview an incredible film from Three Crows Media titled American Wine Story.  American Wine Story is a documentary that chronicles the journeys of several winemakers and wine professionals who, for the most part, don’t follow the path into the wine industry that most Americans seem to envision.  The movie draws you in from the start with tales of tragedy, hard work, and success.

American Wine Story
American Wine Story

American Wine Story’s underlying theme is following passions and pursuing dreams, which in this case, revolve around making wine.  While the movie centers around the death of Oregon winemaker Jimi Brooks of Brooks Winery, I found the stories of many of the other featured winemakers equally intriguing.  As a viewer, I was captivated to learn about the winemakers’ day jobs, personal and professional struggles, and what ultimately led them to pursue wine.

Some of the featured winery owners in American Wine Story
Some of the featured winemakers, winery owners, and wine professionals in the film

While the storyline can seem a little slow at times, for the most part the film keeps the audience engaged. American Wine Story also neglects to mention stories of failure, which are as prevalent (if not more prevalent) than successes in the wine industry.  However, in spite of the aforementioned flaws, I found the film very enjoyable.

If you are interested in watching (and you should be), the film is now available to audiences everywhere on iTunes, Amazon, On Demand and at  So grab a bottle of wine, relax, and enjoy the movie!

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