Weekend Wine and Food Pairing – Oysters and Muscadet

Since we are heading into prime shellfish season, I want to share one of my favorite pairings with oysters, Muscadet.  In my opinion, Muscadet is highly underrated. Hailing from the Loire Valley, this wine is generally lively and refreshing with citrus and mineral notes.  It also is usually under $20 a bottle.  When paired with oysters, the flavors in both the oysters and the wine are elevated.

Oysters and Muscadet...a match made in heaven!
Oysters and Muscadet…a pairing not to be missed!

One bottle of Muscadet I regularly sip is Eric Chevalier’s 2011 Muscadet Cotes De Grand Lieu Sur Lie.  Its racing acidity and fresh minerality are coupled with tastes of sweet melon and citrus.  This pairing is so good that I am actually going to enjoy it tonight.  I hope you will make time to try it too!

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