Wine and Food Pairing – Fried Oysters and Albariño

I am an oyster fanatic.  Raw, steamed, fried…I will take them pretty much any way they come to me.  Over the last week, I have indulged in fried oysters not once but twice!  The first time around, I had them in South Carolina and, later, enjoyed them in Malibu.  I tried a couple of different wines with the oysters and, while sparkling wine was a no-brainer pairing, I also really enjoyed a crisp Albariño with them as well!

Abacela 2011 Albariño - Great With Oysters!
Abacela 2011 Albariño – Great With Oysters!

One of my favorite Albariño wines comes from Abacela Vineyards.  The 2011 is from the Umpqua Valley in Southern Oregon and packs tastes of pear, tart citrus, and green apple with healthy acidity.  Mineral notes are also woven throughout the wine and followed with a citrus-filled finish.  This is an excellent match for oysters, fried or on the half shell.  Definitely check it out if you have the chance!  (12.9% alcohol, $18)


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