Putting Petite Sirah In The Spotlight!

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Jo Diaz if I would be interested in taking a Petite Sirah tasting journey.  Jo is Executive Director of the Petite Sirah advocacy group PS I Love You and an all-around great woman who is truly passionate about wine.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity and, over the last week, the beautiful bottles of Petite Sirah have been arriving at my doorstep!

Petite Sirah
Some of the Petite Sirah I will be tasting over the next couple of weeks!

I am excited to do this for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I think Petite Sirah is underapprecated and misunderstood.  A lot of wine consumers are scared off by thoughts of overpowering, one-dimensional wines.  It would be unfair to stereotype Petite Sirah as being one-dimensional.  Of course there are some rich, jammy Petites but there is also a world of Petite Sirah that includes more expressive wines with layers of flavor that aren’t overpowering.  The second reason I am happy to explore these wines is because there are a whole group of wine consumers who…gasp…don’t even know Petite Sirah exists! 

So, over the next couple of weeks I will be showcasing some great Petite Sirah.  Some will be terrifc values for under $20 and others will be more eloquent wines worthy of a fantastic meal.  I hope you enjoy and check out a bottle or two for yourself!


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