Weekend Wine and Food Pairing – Baked French Toast and Sparkling Wine

Since Easter is upon us, I thought I would share one of my favorite Easter traditions.  Every Easter morning, my family makes a terrific meal of Baked French Toast with a variety of side dishes including smoked salmon, bacon and veggie sausage for the non-meat eaters.  The Baked French Toast is definitely the star of the brunch.  We bake bread the day before and then soak it in an egg batter overnight (a few secret ingredients included).  In the morning, we throw it in the oven and it produces an amazing version of French Toast!


There is no better pairing for this feast than a bottle of sparkling wine.  You can definitely go with a nice bottle of Champagne, but if you are entertaining a large you group and don’t want to spend a fortune, you might want to grab a bottle of Willm Crémant d’Alsace Blanc de Blancs.  I have picked this French sparkler before because it offers a great Champagne-style wine for a mere $13.  The palate of delicate bubbles, apple, pear and lemon pair perfectly with the French toast as well as most other brunch fare.  Just do me a favor and serve the OJ on the side.  This wine is too tasty to be mixed with anything else but a great meal!

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