Rounding Out My Cimarone Tastings with Gran Premio and Le Clos Secret

I am wrapping up a tasting through Cimarone’s new releases with 2009 Gran Premio Sangiovese and 2010 Le Clos Secret Bordeaux style blend.  I have enjoyed every sip of this tasting journey and definitely recommend you seek out some of Cimarone’s wines.  I have said it before and really believe that Happy Canyon produces some great wines that are truly underrated!

2009 Gran Premio Sangiovese

Gran Premio

Gran Premio Sangiovese opens with aromas of ripe strawberry, plum, clove and a hint of earthiness.  The palate is bold and full of juicy, cherry flavors.  There are also tastes of clove and pepper with a nice dose of acidity.  Simple sipping and perfect with a homemade pizza! (14.5% alcohol, $29.99, Rating – B)

2010 Le Clos Secret

Le Clos Secret

Le Clos Secret has a nose of ripe cherries and spice with musty undertones.  At first sip, you are treated to rich flavors of caramel, dark chocolate, pepper and anise.  Influences of cherries and a smooth, lengthy finish make this wine hard to put down.  Indulgent and delicious!  Let this bottle mature and you will reap the benefits. (14.5%, $39.99, Rating – A-)

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