Weekend Wine and Food Pairing – Swordfish and Sauvignon Blanc

It is nice and warm this weekend so I couldn’t help but grill something delicious.  I stopped by the grocery store and they had some great looking swordfish steaks so I grabbed a couple and threw them on the grill.  They were excellent and the wine we paired was delicious as well!


One of my go to pairings with swordfish is a crisp and tropical Sauvignon Blanc.  The clean, fresh flavors really complement the swordfish and harmonize beautifully.  If you aren’t sure which Sauvignon Blanc to uncork, try a bottle of Cimarone 2011 3CV Sauvignon Blanc ($15.99).  Aged in stainless steel and full of citrus and tropical flavors, this wine is a great companion for swordfish.  So, whether it warm enough to fire up the grill or you are baking swordfish in the oven, grab a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and enjoy!

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