Wine and Food Pairings for the Football Season!

Every year I anxiously await the start of college and NFL football.  Each weekend (and pretty much every night of the week), I am glued to the television rooting for my favorite teams.  During the season, I love making delicious football fare and pairing it with incredible wines.  Although beer and football are often thought of as a match made in heaven, don’t underestimate pairing wine with your next game day.  Here are a few of my favorite combos!

Wings and Zinfandel

I have rarely gone to watch a game at a friend’s house without someone bringing wings.  If you want to drink a wine that will make your mouth-watering, sauced-up wings taste even better, grab a bottle of Zinfandel.  The spicy, red fruit can definitely hold its own against the bold flavors of the wings.  Try a bottle of Buehler 2010 Napa Valley Zinfandel.  Juicy, spicy, and a great value at $16. 

Pizza and Barbera

Whether you are ordering from Domino’s or making a pizza creation of your own, you pretty much can’t go wrong if you serve it with Barbera (well, maybe skip artichokes as a topping!).   Barbera generally has bright cherry flavors and healthy acidity, which makes it a great match for most pizzas.  Affordable ($15) and very tasty, Prunotto Barbera d’Asti 2009 is a great choice with pizza. 

Chips, Guacamole, and Grüner Veltliner

I am obsessed with chips and guacamole!  I can rarely make it through a Sunday of football without it.  A great wine to serve with tortilla chips and guac (and even a lot of other chips and dip combos) is Grüner Veltliner.  The lively acidity of the Grüner cuts through the fat in the avocados and the citrus and apple flavors work in perfect harmony with the lime, onions, and cilantro in the guacamole.  Try a bottle of 2011 Grooner from Austria.  It is an excellent bargain ($10) and will definitely work well with your guacamole! 

These are just a few suggestions and I will be posting more throughout the season.  Hope you decide to grab a couple of bottles of wine in addition to beer next time you turn on a game!

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