Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos…Simply Delicious!

I wanted to wrap up a week of posts from our Santa Barbara trip with one of the best restaurants we have been to in a while…Full of Life Flatbread in Los Alamos.  If you are going to be anywhere near Santa Barbara wine country I suggest you make the drive to this quaint little town to taste what Flatbread is all about (and why there is often at least a one hour wait to get a table!).  I might even drool a little while I write this post!

Flatbread lies on Bell St., the main drag of Los Alamos.  They have a fantastic menu of flatbreads which are cooked to perfection in a stone hearth right in front of you.  In addition, they have a lengthy list of weekly specials, each looking better than the next as they came out of the kitchen.  During this visit, we started off with a lobster salad, which was one of the evening’s specials.  Huge chunks of lobster and fresh avocado (along with some other goodies) served over fried green tomatoes!  The tomatoes were reminiscent of those I often ate when I lived in Charleston, SC and the entire plate was delicious.

We followed up the special with their Smoke-Dried Tomato flatbread.  The toppings were so fresh and the pizza crust melted in your mouth. Flatbread definitely gives Pizzeria Mozza a run for their money!  In addition to the great food, Flatbread also features local, craft beers and a great wine list.  The wine list features wines from Santa Barbara producers such as Flying Goat Cellars and J Brix (I indulged in J Brix’s Riesling, which was very tasty!).

Flatbread was an amazing experience.  I can assure you, Brandon and I will never visit Santa Barbara wine country again without getting at least one meal at this wonderful restaurant!


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