Poetry in a Bottle – A Tribute to Grace Grenache 2010

Brandon and I spent Labor Day weekend in Santa Barbara wine country so you will be hearing about some of our adventures over the next few days (I had an amazing time so you will want to read about them!).  I wanted to start off with a tasting that just seemed meant to be.

Anyone who knows me at least has a pretty good idea that Grenache is one of my favorite wines.  A couple of friends told me I had to try an outstanding Grenache called A Tribute to Grace.  I tried to get a few bottles of the 2009 vintage several months ago, but to my dismay, the wine was sold out.  You see, A Tribute to Grace is made by a brilliant winemaker from New Zealand named Angela Osborne.  She releases a very limited amount of her Santa Barbrara Highlands Vineyard Grenache and allows the wine to be what is wants to be (meaning she adds next to nothing to manipulate the wine during the fermentation and aging processes).  I sent Angela an email last week to see if the 2010 vintage had been released because we were going to be in Santa Barbara and thought there may be a place we could try a glass.  It turned out it was going to be released on the day we would be in town and she offered to meet Brandon and I at the restaurant where we already planned on having dinner in Los Alamos.

Winemaker Angela Osborne and her husband Jason

We had the opportunity to be some of the first to taste the new vintage and spent almost an hour talking with Angela and her husband Jason.  Angela has such a passion for her wine and it shines through in her voice and in her beautiful Grenache.  The 2010 vintage is truly one of the best wines I have had this year.  Elegant yet rich with layers of flavor, this unfiltered wine has tastes of raspberries and delicate rose petals with soft notes of caramel and hints of spice.  It is one of those wines that I will be thinking about for weeks to come and will anxiously await opening one of the bottles we brought home.

A Tribute to Grace 2010 Grenache

The only way to get a few bottles of this wine is by joining Angela’s mailing list (http://gracewinecompany.com/mailing-list/).  I feel so lucky to have met Angela and Jason and to have tasted A Tribute to Grace Grenache with them.  It was one of the highlights of our time in Santa Barbara.  If you want to experience a beautiful wine, definitely give A Tribute to Grace a taste…it is truly poetry in a bottle!

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