Cabernet Day Wrap-Up!

While I didn’t have a full evening to celebrate #CabernetDay (I was stuck sitting in an accounting class!), I did uncork two bottles over the course of the night.  I went with two Cabernets at complete different price points and decided that BOTH wines are great VALUES.  Here are the tasting notes for each wine.

Jordan 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon

I definitely set myself up for a good night as Jordan has consistently been one of my favorite, moderately priced Cabernets.   The nose has a bouquet of cassis with a hint of oak.  The palate features sophisticated flavors of plum, blackberry, pepper, and a touch of vanilla.  The tannins are round and the finish is lengthy.  Jordan’s 2007 Cabernet is lighter and more elegant than a lot of other Cabernets from the region.  I honestly think that for $45, this is a hard wine to beat.  I have tasted it against California Cabs that cost twice as much and Jordan often upsets the higher priced competitors.  (A-, 13.5%)

Columbia Crest H3 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a great, everyday Cabernet from Washington state.  Aromas of toasted oak, cherries, and tobacco lead into an earthy palate with tastes of dark berries, caramel, and vanilla.  This straight-forward wine delivers in price ($12-14) and flavor.  Grab a bottle and enjoy any day of the week!  (B+, 14.5%)

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