Mini-Review – Herencia Altés 2011 Garnacha Blanca

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my tasty experience with Herencia Altés 2011 Garnacha Negra.  I enjoyed the wine so much I decided to pick up a bottle of Herencia Altés 2011 Garnacha Blanca.  To my delight, this bottle delivered just as much value and flavor.

The nose has abundant aromas of tropical fruit and wildflowers and the palate is refreshing and bright.  Flavors of lychee, oranges, and sweet peaches tingle in your mouth.  The vibrant flavors fade slowly in the lengthy finish.  I definitely recommend giving this juicy, balanced wine a try!  Pair with crab cakes, seafood paella, or veggie tacos.  or  (B+, $12, 12.95%)

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