Get a Head Start on Labor Day Weekend Wine and Food Pairings!

Grilling is an essential part of Labor Day weekend and I want to make sure the wine pairings don’t cause any stress for next weekend’s festivities!  Here are a few relatively inexpensive wine pairing suggestions for some of the most popular grilled fare!

Hot Dogs

Don’t let such a simple food throw you off when you are at the wine store.  Grab a bottle of Rosé to pair with hot dogs, veggie dogs, and sausages.  It is a great combo and will elevate even the humblest of hot dogs!  Try a bottle of 2011 Vin Gris de Cigare from Bonny Doon and the flavors of strawberries, watermelon, and citrus will win you over! ($14)


What you top your burger with will definitely determine which wine matches best with your meal but I am going to give a general suggestion that should work well for most burgers…Zinfandel!  Try a bottle of Ottimino Zinfinity.  The smooth, spicy palate really brings out the flavors of a juicy burger and won’t hurt your wallet! ($14)

Grilled Chicken

Grenache is one of my favorite wines and pairing it with grilled chicken is a definitely home run.  If you can find a bottle of Herencia Altés 2011 Garnacha Negra, you won’t be sorry!  The juicy red berries and spice will pair well with your chicken whether it is simply grilled or lathered with BBQ sauce! ($9)

Grilled Fish

When grilling fish, you will find that a bright, tropical Sauvignon Blanc will enhance your meal.  Dashwood 2011 Sauvignon Blanc definitely delivers at a very fair price.  Crisp, refreshing tastes of tropical fruit, grapefruit, and lemon are sure to complement your seafood fare as well as a warm day!  ($12)

Of course there are many other foods you can grill along with plenty of outstanding wine pairings but I hope these basic suggestions help!  Most of all, relax, have fun with your friends and family, and enjoy the wine and good food!  Cheers!


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