Mini-Review- Battaglio Langhe Nebbiolo Funtana 2010

Nebbiolo is an Italian wine that I really enjoy drinking.  It often has a very earthy palate that makes it distinct from a lot of other wines.  I uncorked a bottle of Battaglio Langhe  Nebbiolo Funtana 2010 over the weekend and was impressed with its simple, good flavors. 

This Nebbiolo pours a bright garnet color in the glass.  The nose has aromas of candied cherries, flowers, and earth.  The palate is smooth and dry with tastes of cherries, tobacco, and pepper.  Straightforward flavors that can be appreciated with some of the most essential Italian foods.  Pair with sausage, pasta with a spicy, red sauce, or Italian cheeses! (B+, 13%, $14)

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