Mini-Review- Uppercut 2010 North Coast Sauvignon Blanc

I have had a bottle of Uppercut 2010 North Coast Sauvignon Blanc in my wine refrigerator for a couple of months and finally decided to pour myself a glass.  I bought this bottle at the recommendation of an employee at a local wine store who said it was one of their best Sauvignon Blanc values. 

I poured a glass on a hot Saturday and realized that I opened this wine in the perfect season.  The nose has bright aromas of citrus, melon, and peaches.  The palate is very refreshing and rejuvenated my tastebuds in the midst of the summer heat.  Tastes of lime, lemon, apricot, and melon are surrounded by mineral notes and lively acidity.  An incredible value at only $10!  Pair with shellfish, fish tacos, or vegetarian sushi rolls. (B+, 13.8%)

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