Weekend Wine and Food Pairing- Vinho Verde and Mussels

This time of year, I often really want a wine and food combo that is light and refreshing.  A white Vinho Verde and Mussels is an excellent pairing for summer.  Vinho Verde is a light, Portuguese wine that is meant to be consumed young and is often a terrific value.  The wine typically has citrus flavors and low alcohol.   As far as the mussels go, I suggest serving them in a sauce or broth with a little kick to pair with the wine.

One bottle of Vinho Verde that I really enjoy is 2011 Aveleda Fonte Vinho Verde.  It has wonderful crisp, citrus notes that really complement the mussels.  The best part is that you can grab a bottle for under $10.  So relax, enjoy your meal, and savor every last day of the summer!

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