Weekend Wine and Food Pairing- Tempranillo and Paella

Who doesn’t love paella?  And if you don’t, I will definitely eat your serving!  When it comes to pairing wine with paella, there is one varietal that stands out from the pack to me…Tempranillo.  The smokiness of the wine and the saffron in the paella is a match made in heaven.  Add a little chorizo and the pairing is even better!

There is a lot of great Spanish Tempranillo out there but I am going to recommend one from Oregon.  I never knew how wonderful American Tempranillo could be until I tried Tempranillo from Abacela.  They have a few different bottles but, for Paella, I am going to suggest their 2009 Tempranillo because it is a steal for only $20.  Bright cherries, plum, oak, and mineral notes with lively acidity and a little bit of spice and smoke.  Grab a few bottles, make a huge pot of paella, and enjoy with family and friends!

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  1. For me, Paella and Tempranillo is one of the classic great pairings. Never tried one that wasn’t Spanish before. Sounds interesting, although I think it’s tough to beat the values coming out of Spain these days.

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