Sauvignon Blanc #3- Guy Saget La Petite Perriere 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc #3 of the week comes from Guy Saget.  Guy Saget is a 9th generation, family owned winery in the Loire Valley of France.  I have always enjoyed their wines and this Sauvignon Blanc is no exception.  Fresh, rich flavors that go perfectly with a variety of summer dishes!

About the Wine- From the Winery

Guy Saget La Petite Perriere 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is 100% Sauvignon Blanc from France.  It has 12.5% alcohol and retails for around $14.99.

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

This wine pours a rich, gold color in the glass.  Sweet aromas of peaches and tangerines dominate the nose.  The palate is refreshing and packed with ripe fruit.  Tastes of peaches, melon, and lychee are followed with a clean, grapefruit filled finish.  A glass full of sunshine!

My Wine Rating- B+

Food Pairing Suggestions- Pair this wine with mahi mahi topped with mango salsa, a fruit salad, or grilled chicken.

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