Weekend Wine and Food Pairing- Rosé and Hot Dogs

The beginning of June officially signifies summer for me.  The weather is warming up and the beaches are packed with people.  Grilling is a quintessential part of summer and, while it is pretty easy to pair a nice red wine with burgers, sometimes other food pairings can be a challenge.

Rosé is a perfect match for hot dogs and a warm summer day!

My neighbor stopped over while we were grilling last week and saw that there were a few hot dogs on the grill.  She asked me what wine I would pour with the hot dogs since it was always a hard pairing for her.  She said she always seemed to reach for beer instead.  While beer is always a good pairing with hot dogs and sausages, I think that Rosé is a perfect wine pairing.  Look for a light-bodied Rosé that has soft fruit flavors, healthy acidity, and perhaps a hint of white pepper.  Andrew Murray’s 2011 Sanglier is a great choice along with Big Pink Rosé from Annadele Estate Winery.  Grab a grill, some hot dogs (or veggie dogs), and a bottle of Rosé and be sure to enjoy the warm weekend!




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