Weekend Wine and Food Pairing- Potato Latkes, Smoked Salmon, and Sparkling Wine

Since we have been in the midst of Passover, I thought I would talk about of my favorite festive pairing.  My Mom’s side of the family is Jewish so we often partake in traditional Jewish fare.  Latkes and smoked salmon are a must at any family gathering.  I love to fry my latkes and serve the smoked salmon with a little bit of dill creme fraiche.  We eat these amazing dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner but sparkling wine is the best pairing any time of day.

One sparkler I recommend is 2009 Saint-Hilaire Brut Blanquette De Limoux.  It retails for around $12 and is a steal for that price.  The nose has notes of baked bread and citrus. The palate is a wonderful combination of citrus, apples, and crisp minerality.  A really great pairing with latkes and smoked salmon that you can serve year round.  Mazel Tov!

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