Weekend Wine and Food Pairing- Torrontes and Thai Food

Often on a Saturday night when my husband and I don’t feel like going out, we rent a movie and pick up Thai Food from a tiny, authentic spot a few blocks from our house.  I have tried a lot of wines with our food (I usually order shrimp with a spicy Thai basil sauce or a green curry) and Torrontes always seems to be a good match. 

I last paired Santa Julia [+] 2010 Torrontes ($10, a Wine and Good Food favorite) with our Thai meal.  This was a great match for the food.  The citrus notes of the wine cut through the spiciness of the food.  Hints of sweetness from the peach and pear flavors and the refreshing finish cleansed my palate before next the bite. 

So next time you order take-out from your favorite Thai spot, try Torrontes.  It is a beautiful, refreshing wine that people need to start sipping more often!

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