Weekend Wine and Food Pairing- Champagne and Hush Puppies

I have always enjoyed Champagne and other sparkling wines with fried foods (like potato chips and fried oysters) but I have never really thought of pairing it with hush puppies. Last week, I was dining at one of my favorite spots in Newport Beach sipping a glass of bubbly when I noticed that they added hush puppies to the menu.  I ordered them and realized that I couldn’t be drinking anything that paired more perfectly with the hush puppies.  I then realized for almost 25 years I lived in Myrtle Beach, SC (the hush puppy capital of the world) and never had this pairing (I guess I was only legal to drink for 4 of them but still!). 

This is a fun appetizer pairing to try over the weekend.  Get a good hush puppy recipe (like this one from Food and Wine Magazine http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/hush-puppies-with-green-zebra-tomato-jam) and pair with a nice bottle of Champagne or other sparkling wine.  Hope you enjoy!  Cheers!

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