Exploring Croatian Wine – Dingac Plavac 2009 Red

I will always jump at the chance to try a wine from a non-traditional wine region (non-traditional only meaning wine that isn’t regularly found on wine lists and in wine shops across the US).  Last week, I stumbled across a bottle of Dingac Winery Plavac 2009 from Croatia and had to pick it up.  I have heard some good things about Croatian wine but I also know that they haven’t been able to really permeate the American wine market.  This dry, red wine is made from the Plavac Mali grape, which is similar to the Zinfandel grape.

About the Wine- From the Winery

Dingac Winery Plavac 2009 is 100% Plavac Mali from the Peljesac Penninsula.  It has 12% alcohol and retails for around $12.  For more information visit the importer at www.bluedanubewine.com

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

Dingac Plavac Red pours a light ruby color in the glass.  The nose has aromas of sweet raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries with hints of minerality.  The wine is light-bodied and uncomplicated.  Flavors of strawberries, blackberries, and black pepper are followed by a dry, spicy finish.  This wine fell a little flat for me but I think it is worth picking if you want to try something unique…especially since it will barely cost you a $10 spot.

My Wine Rating- B-

Food pairing suggestions – Pair with a pizza with roasted red peppers, a burger with mushrooms, or grilled sausages.

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  1. Did you let it decant for 30+ minutes? These wines from Southern Croatia like a good deal of air as they’re created to have with a lengthy meal. This is a good example of how this wine should be from the region. There are others that blow it out of the water, but for the price (it’s much less in Croatia) and the fact it comes from a very large, former wine collective, we’ve quite enjoyed it, especially when compared to previous vintages.

  2. We did let it decant for probably closer to an hour. It’s definitely not a bad wine, we just felt like it was not great (there were 2 of us tasting). But obviously every palate is entitled to its own opinion. I am going to grab a few different bottles from the region this week at different price points.

    1. Thank you for trying the 2009 Dingac Plavac and writing about your experience with the wine. If power and depth is what you seek Southern Croatia has this to offer. Especially those wines from the ocean cliff vineyards of Postup and Dingac proper (Dingac is both a designated growing region and the name of this winery). Other examples can be found on our website http://www.bluedanubewine.com. We call the wine you tasted “simple Plavac” it is the oposite of most of the wines of the region. Light, 12% abv. many reach 16%+. It is ideally enjoyed slightly chilled with dishes that call for a light earthy red wine. Fowl, a lighter mushroom dish or my favorite just caugth makerel stuffed with lemon and herbs, doused in olive oil and grilled over wood fire on the beach! Let it be light! Its a virtue!

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