Weekend Wine and Food Pairing – Tempranillo and Manchego

I want to start a new weekly post about wine and food pairing since it is one of my favorite aspects of wine to explore.  This week’s pairing comes to you from Spain.  Spain is one wine region I drink from several times a month.  The wines are generally outstanding values and I love the types of food that pair with their wine varietals.

One of my favorite cheeses is Manchego.  Manchego is made from sheep’s milk and originates in the Spanish region of La Mancha.  The longer the cheese ages, the more the flavors intensify.  The cheese also becomes harder with age.

I have experimented with Manchego and wine pairings many times and have found Tempranillo to be one of the most complementary matches.  Tempranillo generally has flavors of cherry, plum, and strawberry.  I also tend to look for the bottles with more earthy characteristics.  Together with the Manchego, it is a perfect match!

Here is one Tempranillo that I recommend with Manchego:

For the review of Montecillo Reserva 2006 see http://wp.me/p1vdhr-eT.  Hope you guys enjoy this pairing!

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