Wine and Good Food…A Match Made in Heaven

I love drinking a glass of wine all by itself but I truly believe wine goes better with food.  The right wine pairing will enhance the flavors of the food and elevate your dish.  Nothing excites me more than finding a new and extraordinary combination…my eyes light up and I want to tell everyone around me (total wine geek moment).  The question I get the most from people is how are they supposed to know what wines pair with which foods.  Here are a few tips I often give:

Use Common Sense:  Don’t match big flavors with delicate flavors.  A spicy, heavy red is going to overpower a delicate piece of seafood just as a soft white wine is going to be overpowered by a spice-rubbed New York Strip.

Educate Yourself:  There is so much information available online, in books, and in monthly wine publications.  Read up and use the advice to get a foundation as to the basics of wine and food pairings.

Practice Makes Perfect:  Sure you will have some pairings that aren’t so spectacular but you will also find some great and unexpected pairings too.  Have fun and trust your palate…you will know when the flavors unite and complement each other.

And a Couple of My Current Favorites:

Off-dry Riesling and sushi is definitely one pairing I can’t get enough of lately.  The mouth-watering acidity and fresh flavors of the Riesling complement the sushi without having a sweetness that overpowers the meal.

The second fantastic pairing I have been enjoying is black truffles and Burgundy….the older the Burgundy the better.  The earthiness of both the truffles and the wine are so good together.

I hope these suggestions give you a little help with your pairings.  Most of all remember that wine and food are meant to be enjoyed, not over thought and picked apart.  Have fun with it…cheers!

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  1. You are so right! There is nothing better to improve upon a great meal than a complementary pairing of wine. Just like nothing can kill a meal easier than a bad pairing! I’ve had a couple of those before. Whoops! 🙂 Thanks for the pairing hints.

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