Organic Sophistication- 2010 Caligiore Organic Reserve Bonarda

Bonarda…it’s definitely not the first wine most people think of when they think Argentina.  Although it is the second most planted red grape in Argentina, in America, we tend to only think about Malbec.  I have had a few different bottles of Bonarda over the last couple of months and I have found great value in each glass.  The latest Bonarda I uncorked, Caligiore Organic Reserve Bonarda, definitely delivered in taste and in value.

About the Wine- From the Winery

2010 Caligiore Organic Reserve Bonarda is 100% Old Vine Bonarda from the Mendoza region of Argentina.  It has 13.9% alcohol and retails for $14.99.  For more information visit

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

Caligiore Organic Reserve Bonarda pours a deep plum color in the glass.  The nose immediately got my attention with smokey notes of blackberries, cherries, and cinnamon.  The palate is earthy and rich with tastes of blackberries, blueberries, and sweet fig.  The wine has light tannins and a spicy finish.  Balanced and sophisticated, this wine really won me over.  If you have any negative impressions of organic wines, they will be washed away with your first sip.  Grab a bottle of this incredibly priced Bonarda and enjoy!

My Wine Rating- A-

Food Pairing Suggestions- Pair this Bonarda with osso bucco, rack of lamb, or a grilled steak.

*This wine was sent to me as a media sample

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