Trader Joe’s Wine Pick- A Rich and Jammy Zinfandel from Leonhardt Vineyards

Every year Trader Joe’s (at least TJ’s in CA) gets a shipment of wine in from Leonhardt Vineyards in Sonoma County.  The wines generally sell for $38-48 on their website and Trader Joe’s sells them as a hustle buy for $9.99 a bottle.  While I may not rush out to pay $40 for a bottle, Leonhardt’s Zinfandels are generally a good find for under $10.

About the Wine- From the Winery

Leonhardt Vineyards 2009 Vintner’s Pride Reserve Zinfandel is 100% Zinfandel from Sonoma County.  It retails for $9.99 at Trader Joes and you can visit for more information

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

Leonhardt’s Zinfandel pours a blackish purple in the glass.  The nose has aromas of blackberry, dark cherry, and clove.  The palate is rich and smooth with tastes of dark berries, raisin, and dark chocolate.  In the finish, the wine has lingering notes of pepper and vanilla.  This is an intense Zinfandel…not as versitile with food as some of my favorite Zins but a nice find for the price.

My Wine Rating- B+

Food Pairing Suggestions- pairs well with dark chocolate, carne asada tacos, or lamb shanks

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  1. We shared this wine with guests at our home and loved the spicy palate and smooth finish. Our guests from the wine country loved it too!

  2. Gave this wine a flyer, although Leonhardt has since sourced their grapes from Paso Robles. The results are very similar. A medium bodied, dry, jammy Zin for $9.99 per. This wine could easily sell for double that. Food pairings: grilled pork chops, steaks n schrooms, or bacon mac n cheese.

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