The Perfect Way to Enjoy the Food With Your Wine

It’s not often that I write about anything other than wine but I decided to make an exception for a really cool product I was introduced to.  A couple of weeks ago I was invited to dinner with at Stefan’s at L.A. Farm in Santa Monica by Janelle McCoy from Barkley (an advertising agency in Kansas City).  I was unsure exactly what we were meeting for but Janelle seemed super nice (she is!) and Stefan (of “Top Chef” fame) is an incredible chef so I decided to join her.

It turns out that Janelle represents a flatware company called Knork.  I had heard of them before but had never used their flatware.  Over the course of the amazing dinner (spicy tuna tartar, scallops with sweet corn puree, fried parsnips, and pumpkin seed oil, and a red wine “lollipop” for dessert) I learned a lot about Knork and even had the chance to use them throughout the meal because they are the official silverware of Stefan’s.  What I concluded is that Knork makes an awesome product.  The design is beautiful and the product is truly innovative.  The fork is able to cut through chicken or a tender filet without being sharp enough to cut you.  I thought the concept was cool and perfect for parties where everyone is standing around mingling and a table isn’t available to use a knife to cut hors d’oeuvres.

The icing on the cake came after dessert when Stefan came over to visit our table.  He enthusiastically told me that Knork was the best flatware he had ever used.  He told me that they have held up amazingly (the silverware was 2 years old and barely had any scratches or damage).  He then asked me if I had tried their steak knives and I hadn’t.  He returned from the kitchen with four steak knives for me to take home and try out (and they are amazing!).

I have since had the chance to use their flatware in my own home and love it.  I only have a set of 4 and I am considering buying the complete set.  So, if you are trying to plan for your next dinner party and want to impress your guests, I really think you should check out Knork.  I get approached by different non-wine products on almost a weekly basis and I have never decided to feature any of them on my blog until now.  So hopefully this gives you an idea of how unique and functional I think Knork’s flatware is.

Back to the wine reviews tomorrow…

*This experience was kindly provided to me by Barkley and Knork  ( but the opinions contained are my own.

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  1. Knork is a great company–from my hometown. I love Southern CA and try to spend two weeks a year there–San Fran to LA or somewhere in between:) Great connection!!

    1. I have only been hearing great things about them. I am a transplant to CA but I love living here…it is a great place to visit! Cheers!

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