An Easy Sipping Grignolino From Quattro Leoni

Before dinner last night, my husband and I really wanted a wine that was easy to sip without food.  We opened a bottle of Grignolino, a wine that is often hard to find but can be a perfect precursor to a meal.  Grignolino typically comes from Italy and is almost impossible to find grown in the US.  I was chatting with a friend of mine on Twitter and she pointed out that only 2 wineries in CA offer Grignolino (unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to try either).  I wish it were more readily available…its not a fancy wine but it’s approachable and fun to drink with or without food.

About the Wine- From the Winery

Quattro Leoni 2008 Grignolino is 100% Grignolino from the Piedmonte region of Italy.  It has 13.5% alcohol and retails for $16.99.  For more information see

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

This Grignolino pours a light garnet in the glass.  The wine, best served slightly chilled, has a nose of raspberry and strawberry with some mineral notes interwoven.  The palate is fruity and light with tastes of watermelon and strawberry.  The finish is crisp and a little dry with some hints of balancing acidity.  A casual and refreshing wine that I will definitely have again!

My Wine Rating- B

Food Pairing Suggestions- This wine can be a great aperitif or paired with delicate foods such as prosciutto and melon or a shellfish risotto.

*This wine was sent to me as a sample for the purpose of review

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