A Smooth, Fruity Blend from Caligiore Organic Wines

This past weekend I had a chance to try a couple of new wines that are perfect for your upcoming Labor Day weekend festivities (or for any time you just want a great, nicely priced bottle of wine).  On Saturday, we grilled up some burgers and opened a bottle of Staccato 2010 Organic Malbec/Cabernet Blend from Caligiore Organic Wines.  It is an eco-friendly wine made from organically grown grapes and was the perfect pairing with our burgers.

About the Wine- From the Winery

Staccato is a blend of 60% Malbec and 40% Cabernet from the Mendoza region of Argentina.  It has 13.9% alcohol and retails for $9.99.  For more information see the winery at http://www.caligiore.com.ar/ or the importer at www.Marquee.com

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

The Staccato pours a bright ruby in the glass.  The nose is simple with floral and cherry aromas.  This blend has big, sweet cherry flavors that are smooth and bright.  It shows nice balance with firm tannins and finishes with a bit of pepper.  Straightforward and easy to sip…a great find for $9.99!

My Wine Rating- B

Food Pairing Suggestions- This blend pairs nicely with burgers, grilled pork chops, or a cheese pizza

*This wine was sent to me as a sample for the purpose of review

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