A Sweet and Seductive Malbec- Santa Julia [+] Malbec 2010

Santa Julia Winery just recently released [+], their new line of sustainable wines from Argentina.  This eco-friendly line features Torrontes, Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Cabernet, and Malbec that all retail for around $10.  They kindly sent me a bottle of their Malbec (which is definitely one of my current wine crushes) and I was eager to see what the new line had to offer.

About The Wine- From the Winery

Santa Julia [+] Malbec 2010 is 100% Malbec sustainably grown in the Mendoza region of Argentina.  The wine has 13.7% alcohol and retails for $10.  For more information see www.SantaJulia.com.ar

Now The Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

This Malbec pours a deep, bright purple in the glass.  The wine has a seductive nose with notes of blackberries, vanilla, tobacco, and spice…the kind of aromas that make you want experience the flavors on your tongue.  The Santa Julia opens up with sweet tastes of blackberries, dark cherries, and blueberries with a hint of caramel and tobacco.  The wine is smooth and the notes of dark fruit reminisce during the long finish.  This is a great Malbec and it is incredibly priced at $10.  Great job by Santa Julia…I am looking forward to trying the rest of their [+] line of wines!

My Wine Rating- B+

Food Pairing Suggestions- Pairs perfectly with a juicy steak, osso bucco, or dark chocolate

*This wine was sent to me as a sample for review


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