Wednesday Wine Pick- La Posta Cocina Malbec 2009

This week I found my Wednesday Wine Pick at a Rolf’s Wine in Newport Beach.  They have a nice little selection of wines at reasonable prices.  I wanted to grab a bottle to take to a weekend BBQ (pretty much a summer staple every weekend that I always look forward to) so I decided to browse the wines from Argentina.  I picked up a bottle of Malbec from La Posta highly recommended by the clerk in hopes it would be a crowd pleaser.

About the Wine- From the Winery

La Posta Cocina Malbec 2009 is from Argentina and is 100% Malbec.  It has 13.5% alcohol and retails for $15 (I purchased it for $13.99 at Rolf’s).  For more information you can visit

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

The La Posta was pretty tight upon opening so we let it decant for an hour or so.  After decanting, this Malbec really came to life with a nose of dark cherry, blackberry, and spice.  This is an intense and taste bud awakening wine…and I am liking it!  Flavors of blackberry, dark cherry, and a hint of dark chocolate are balanced with earthy tannins.  A great wine for the BBQ that everyone loved!

My Wine Rating- B+

*Food Pairing Suggestions- Perfect with a juicy steak or burger off the grill and would also be a great complement to dark chocolate (Green and Black’s 70% is my fave!).

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