A Great Wine For a Summer BBQ- Big Pink 2009 Rosé of Zinfandel

I am always looking for the perfect wine to bring to a summer BBQ…something that will be a crowd pleaser and go well with warm weather and summer foods.  After a visit to Annadel Estate Winery last fall, I was introduced Big Pink Rosé.  Annadel, owned by Dean Bordigioni, is one of the most beautiful properties in Sonoma County and hosts some of the most picturesque weddings I have ever seen (their weddings have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Real Simple magazine, and C Magazine).  It was easy to be romanced by the property but what I really liked was Big Pink.

About the Wine- From the Winery

Big Pink 2009 Rosé comes from the Alexander Valley and is a Rosé of Zinfandel.  It has 14.5% alcohol and retails for $20.  (Big Pink is named after the Harley on the bottle below…Bordigioni once owned a Harley dealership, this particular model started off red, but due to a faulty paint job, faded to pink…not such a tough motorcycle now, huh?) For more information see www.AnnadelEstateWinery.com

Now the Fun Part- Tasting the Wine

Big Pink 2009 Rosé pours a light red.  The nose is full of sweet berries including strawberries and raspberries.   The wine has a “big” berry taste and ends with a smooth, dry finish.  While Big Pink is not a refined Rosé, it is a fun wine and very easy to drink…especially when the weather is warm.  This is a great summer wine so you may want to hop on their website and grab a bottle..or you can do I as did and order a case! 

My Wine Rating- B+

*Wine Pairing Note- I have been asked a lot lately about wine pairing for hot dogs since summer is coming quickly.  Big Pink Rosé is among one of my favorites to sip with hot dogs on a warm summer day!

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  1. This rose sounds great. I’m a big fan of rose for spring and summer. They are so versatile with most of the summer foods we enjoy.

    Thanks for sharing this wine,

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