Wednesday Wine Pick- 2009 Leonhardt Zinfandel

I stopped in Trader Joe’s a few days ago when their wonderful employee, Deb, who is in charge of their wine section, pointed out the Leonhardt 2009 Dry Creek Valley Reserve Zinfandel. She told me that for $9.99 I should definitely give it a try as she and many other were enjoying it. I did a little research and the wine retails for $48 on their website…seemed a little crazy that it was selling for under $10 at TJ’s. The bottle describes it as big and intense with cherry, chocolate, black pepper, vanilla, and clove notes. The wine is 85.26% Zinfandel and 14.8% Petite Sirah with 14.5% alcohol content.

The wine pours a very nice plum color and has a very subtle nose for a Zinfandel. It has aromas of cherry, vanilla, and pepper. I decided to decant the wine for a bit to let it develop. The wine is medium-bodied with notes of cherry, raspberry, and cocoa with a spicy finish.  This Zinfandel seems very young and could use some time in the cellar to mature. The Leonhardt is not a bold and intense Zinfandel but it is enjoyable overall. It is definitely not a wine I would spend $48 for but for $9.99 I recommend that you head down to TJ’s and grab a bottle for your Wednesday wine of the week. Let me know what you think if you decide to try it!

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